IEEC Products

 “LORA TRADEX PVT Ltd. Is representing the following principles in the field of Plastic processing, converting and packaging"

MAIER - Rotary Joints

SPENGLER ELECTRONICS AG - ESA Electronics Printing Assist

DRELLO - Stroboscopes

FMS - Web Tension & web Guides

ELECTRONICS SYSTEMS spa- Thickness Measurement Controls
Underwater Pelletizing Systems
Die Plates, Cutting Knives & Control Systems.

START INTERNATIONAL - Tape Despensers & Label Despensers

OXYSENSE - oxygen mesurement systems and Permeation testing

Stabila Messgerate Gustav Ullrich GmbH - Leaser Measuring Instruments

drader Drader Manufacturing - Injectediwield Plastic Welding


Moisture Meter - Schaller GMBH